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April 2015 Visa Bulletin Analysis for Family-Sponsored (F) Immigrant Visas

Below is our monthly analysis of the State Department's Visa Bulletin for family-sponsored immigration. Family-based immigrant visas have priority date cutoffs, except for the following, which are "Immediate Relative" visas:

March 2015 Visa Bulletin Analysis for Family-Sponsored (F) Immigrant Visas

This has been a poor bulletin for family-sponsored cases, but there were a few bright spots. This could be a precursor to future advancements.

(F1): Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 and up) of U.S. Citizens

It was expected that this category would not move much in the coming months, but the current situation is not what was imagined. Only the date for Mexico moved, and it was only by one week.

Mexico October 22 nd 1994
Philippines February 1 st 2005
All other Areas* August 1 st 2007

Mexico November 1 st 1994
Philippines February 1 st 2005
All other Areas* August 1 st 2007

(F2-A): Spouses and Children (Under 21) of Permanent Residents

This category's month was just a question of which date moved slower. The answer was the non-Mexican date, which moved only by one week. The Mexican date moved by two weeks, which puts it just three weeks behind the other one.

Mexico May 22nd 2013
All other Areas* June 22th 2013

Mexico July 8th 2013
All other Areas* August 1st 2013

(F2-B): Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 and up) of Permanent Residents

The Mexican and Filipino dates will show signs of progress one month, but fall behind in the next. The rest of the world's date continues to make appreciable progress.

Mexico January 1st 1995
Philippines March 22nd 2004
All other Areas* July 8th 2008

Mexico February 1st 1995
Philippines April 1st 2004
All other Areas* August 22nd 2008

(F3): Married Sons and Daughters (21 and Up) of U.S. Citizens

This month's slowdown has not spared this category, with its one to two week crawl across the board. This is surprising for at least the Mexican date, which had shown signs of improvement.

Mexico February 22nd 1994
Philippines August 1st 1993
All other Areas* January 22nd 2004

Mexico April 1st 1994
Philippines August 8th 1993
All other Areas* February 8th 2004

(F4): Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens

In contrast with other categories, April won't be very bad for this one. However, this only comes after several months of very poor advancements. But unfortunately, this doesn't apply to the Filipino date, which has slipped even further into the past (by remaining at a pace less than one-month-per-month).

Mexico June 1st 1997
Philippines September 8th 1991
All other Areas* May 15th 2002

Mexico July 8th 1997
Philippines September 22nd 1991
All other Areas* June 15th 2002

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*All other "areas of chargeability" as defined by DOS

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