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December 2014 Visa Bulletin Analysis for Family-Sponsored (F) Immigrant Visas

Below is our monthly analysis of the State Department’s Visa Bulletin for family cases. All family based immigrant visas have priority date cutoffs, except for the following, which are “Immediate Relative” visas:

Immediate Relative Visas

All other types of family-sponsored visa have priority date cutoffs. There were a few changes in priority date advancement trends from the previous month, but none of them were major.

(F1): Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 and up) of U.S. citizens

All areas of chargeability in this category saw two week advancements, expect for Mexico and the Philippines, which advanced by slightly more than one month. This represents a slight acceleration for Mexico—and a slow-down for the Philippines as they approach the other areas of chargeability.

MexicoJuly 8th 1994
PhilippinesNovember 1st 2004
All other Areas*June 7th 2007
MexicoAugust 15th 1994
PhilippinesDecember 15th 2004
All other Areas*June 22nd 2007

(F2-A): Spouses and Children (Under 21) of Permanent Residents

Mexico continues its strong advances by jumping three months—and to the point of not having a significant difference between it and the rest of the world in this category. This effect is magnified by the fact that the rest of the world has slowed from its previous one-month-per-month advancements.

MexicoSeptember 22nd 2012
All other Areas*March 1st 2013
MexicoJanuary 1st 2013
All other Areas*March 22nd 2013

(F2-B): Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 and up) of Permanent Residents

In this category, Mexico continues to lose momentum to advance by less than one month, after several multiple-month advancements. With its consistent two-week advancements, the Philippines’ date continues to fall behind the rest of the world’s, which is making over-one-month advances.

MexicoSeptember 8th, 1994
PhilippinesJanuary 1st 2004
All other Areas*January 8th 2008
MexicoOctober 1st, 1994
PhilippinesJanuary 15th 2004
All other Areas*February 22nd 2008

(F3): Married Sons and Daughters (21 and Up) of U.S. Citizens

This category’s advancement is grinding to an apparent halt. Mexico and the Philippines show signs of acceleration, but regardless, their dates are far in the past.

MexicoNovember 1st 1993
PhilippinesJune 8th 1993
All other Areas*December 8th 2003
MexicoNovember 15th 1993
PhilippinesJune 22nd 1993
All other Areas*December 15th 2003

(F4): Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens

All areas of chargeability in this category saw two or three week advancements. This category has been having trouble staying above the one-month-per-month threshold. The Philippines were able to do so this month, but their place in this category represents the farthest back of any priority date activity in the whole system.

MexicoFebruary 15th 1997
PhilippinesMay 1st 1991
All other Areas*February 8th 2002
MexicoMarch 1st 1997
PhilippinesJune 1st 1991
All other Areas*February 22nd 2002

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*All other “areas of chargeability” as defined by the USDOS

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