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E2 & L1 Visa: Business Plan May Prove Crucial

Immigration business plans have become instrumental over the past five years. While a business plan is required for an E2 visa, this document can have a significant impact on an L1 visa application. This is mainly due to immigration officers increasingly scrutinizing the applicant's business, through their business plan to approve their visa application.

Immigration business plans and Investment business plans are written with a different set of requirements, to fulfill different objectives. Immigration business plans are written for the sole purpose of visa approval, while investment business plans consider the business in detail, with a focus on strategy and growth.

Immigration business plans will highlight if the US market entry of the applicant’s business is possible. The plan will reflect the visa requirements, the applicant’s immigration case, and resolve any jeopardizing business issues. The plan must also demonstrate if the business is both profitable and scalable for visa approval. Most importantly an immigration business plan will be written to be read and understood by an immigration officer.

Whereas, Investment business plans will highlight the weaknesses of the company to explain how they can be addressed by the management, from a strategic point of view. The investment business plan will discuss the unique selling points of a company’s product or service, scenario and exit analysis, market analysis, and also the future employees, who can bring experience and skills to the company. The plan must provide a detailed financial forecast and returns on investment (ROI). Business acumen, critical and strategic thinking are key components of an effective business investment plan.

An Immigration business plan should not take the form of an investment business plan. Investment business plans identify and expose the weaknesses of a business, in an effort to strengthen the company and secure future profit. This could be potentially be misinterpreted by an immigration officer. Immigration business plans must show if the visa applicant’s business is able to enter the foreign country’s market, be beneficial to the country and can be managed successfully.

How does an immigration business plan help obtain an E2 visa?

The immigration officer will judge the applicant’s business on its ability to generate employment whilst being profitable. The business plan for the E2 visa reflects on how the investment translates into a profitable enterprise that helps to generate employment. It will also provide the applicant’s credentials to demonstrate how the applicant is qualified to establish his/her venture and manage a business.

How does an immigration business help plan to get an L visa?

While not required for an L1 visa application, an L1 business plan provides the applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate clearly how the workings of the business meet the L1 visa requirements, besides facilitating the job of the immigration officer. The L1 business plan demonstrates how the applicant can implement a management structure that will smoothly transmit a start-up into a well-established business. Ultimately, the applicant will spend his time efficiently managing managers as opposed to delegating directly to the employees delivering the products and services to clients.

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