August/2010 Newsletter

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August/2010 Newsletter
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Immigrant Visa Priority Dates, is there a Light at the End of the Tunnel?  Light at the end

The August 2010 Visa Bulletin showed considerable advancement of EB-2 priority dates for Indian and Chinese nationals.  The EB-3 visa category continues to be significantly backlogged for all nationalities but especially for Indian and Chinese born immigrants.  Clients have been waiting for their priority dates to become current, in some cases, up to 7 years.  There does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for clients who processed their PERM or labor certification applicaiotns within the last 5 years.  Their cases are expected to continue to be locked into waiting times.


Convert to EB-2 Today and Obtain Permanent Residence Fast


We have advised our clients whose permanent residence is based on a PERM application that was filed through the EB-3 category to seriously consider "recapturing" their priority dates by applying for an EB-2 PERM again.  In doing so, the employee would retain his or her priority date and possibly obtain permanent residence in less than a year.  For more details, contact our law firm for an analysis of your particular case.  Call us at 1-877-479-4USA (4872).

Convert Your H-1B Visa Employee to Part Time in Tough Economic Times


As the US Economy slowly recovers, economists predict that we are in for the long haul to full recovery.  In the meantime, unemployment figures are expected to remain above 8% for at least 4 more years. Many organizations have resort to significant reduction in their workforce to cut back on overhead a matter that resulted in mass layoffs in several industries.  Economic pundits and forecasters believe that such layoffs will further delay the economic recovery; as firms increase their profit margins by saving payroll expenses, they gain on the short term, but will lose out on the long run in their stock of "intelligence capital." Intelligence capital makes up the essence of any company's healthy infrastructure which usually propels it forward into the market place. 


H-1B visa employees have also been the subject of layoffs due to the aforementioned economic downturn.  In the case of H-1B visa employees, the loss of intelligence infrastructure is even more sever.  Not only do companies invest into considerable capital in governmental filing fees and attorney costs when they install H-1B visa employees, an investment that will be lost when such employees are laid off, such firms will also lose out on the innovation and high productivity that such workers bring to their employers.  The innovation brought about H-1B visa workers is well documented as there is a straight correlation between the employment of H-1B visa workers and the advancement of innovation in the US. Consequently, we have advised our clients to convert their H-1B visa workers to part time employment as an economic solution to laying them off.  This requires the filing of an amended H-1B visa petition before the USCIS.  Read more..... 

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