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January 2016
  • Good News For H-1B Visa Cap Seekers In 2016 - Prepare Now
  • How to Avoid RFEs on Your H-1B Petition
  • Proposed New Rule For "Employed At" H-1B Cap Exemptions
  • Investor "E" Visa Eligibility, Nationality and Family Members
  • An Elite Group Of Professionals To Better Serve Our Community
December 2015
  • New Legislation: H-1B Visa Filing Fee Hike Effected December 16, 2015
  • "Clean Extension" for EB-5 Alien Entrepreneur Visa program until September 16, 2016
  • Proposed H-1B and L-1 Visa Legislation is Regression, Not Reform
  • Fiancé Visa Reforms following recent events
  • The Truth about the Syrian Refugees Vetting Process
June 2015
  • H-1B Visa Audit Win: Shihab Immigration Firm Successfully Argues Case for H-1B Employers
  • New Guidance on when to file Amended H-1B Petitions (Concerning H-1B Material Changes)
  • Immigration News: Executive Action, EAD Processing
  • Visa Bulletin System Under Court Scrutiny
  • Asylum for Iraqis and Syrians
March 2015
  • H-1B Program is Not Harmful to American Workers
  • Recent Claims against the H-1B Program are Unfounded
  • Overcoming Issues in EB-5 Business Plan Changes
  • A Small Win for H-1B Filers
  • Some Bad Bills being Debated in Congress
February 2015
  • H-1B Visa Audit: Navigating the Unprecedented World of an Absconded H-1B Employee
  • Some Potential Issues with Alien Workers
  • The Advantages of Using a Regional Center (for EB-5)
  • Complete Analysis of the Deferred Action Lawsuit
  • H-1B Visa Cap Webinar
January 2015
  • Introduction to—and Detailed Explanation of—the Visa Bulletin
  • Why We Should Increase the H-1B Visa Cap
  • Working in a “Critical Field” as a Cause for Visa Processing Delays
  • Buying a U.S. Business to Obtain Permanent Residence (EB-5)
  • Grey Areas and Potential Pitfalls of Direct EB-5
December 2014
  • H-1B Visa Cap Uncertainties
  • How to File PERM Applications for Traveling Employees
  • Potential Problems with Visa Stamping
  • Time May be Running Out for China EB-5 (Investors)
  • Provisional Waivers and Demonstrating “Extreme Hardship”
November 2014
  • Issues Involving Third-Party Worksites
  • President Obama's Executive Order: Removing "Felons, not Families"
  • President Obama's Executive Order: Addressing the "Broken System"
  • L-1A Intracompany Managers & Execs: Making Sure to File Right
  • Knowing your Rights in Removal Proceedings
April 2014
  • Alternatives to the H-1B
  • H-1B Season Reflection
  • New Processing Times Section Introduced
  • How to Handle DACA Renewals
  • Spotlight on the H-2B Non-Agricultural Visa
February 2014
  • U.S. Consulate Interview Preparation Tips for Indian Nationals
  • H-1B Cap - The Ten Day Commitment
  • L-1 Visa Function Managers
  • Introduction of our Online Forum
  • New E-Verify Security Enhancement Permits USCIS to Lock Social Security Numbers
January 2014
  • February 2014 Visa Bulletin
  • Join the Discussion
  • Academic Equivalency: H-1B v. PERM
  • BIA Makes Important Decisions Regarding Aggravated Felony Convictions
  • Worried about the H-1B Cap? Consider Filing for a B-1 in Lieu of an H-1B
  • Three means Three
December 2013
  • New Year's Resolution: Don't Wait until the Last Minute to File H-1B Petition
  • What's to Come
  • H-1B Audit Defense Strategies
  • A Blue Moon over China
  • The Fall of the House of Boehner
November 2013
  • It's Go Time for the Upcoming H-1B Cap Season
  • New! Current Processing Times
  • Request for Evidence (RFE) trends in H-1B and L-1 Cases
  • National Interest Waiver for Physicians
  • Is Temporary Protected Status for the Philippines on the Horizon?
  • VWP to AOS
October 2013
  • Effects of Mergers and Reorganizations on Green Card Applications
  • Foreign Entrepreneurs: You May Have Several Immigration Visa Pathways
  • Good News for Those Seeking Provisional Waivers
  • Medical Exception to Language and Civics Requirements for Naturalization
  • The Fall of the House of Boehner
September 2013
  • Employers: Hire Foreign Workers Even Though H-1B Cap Reached, In Some Cases
  • Shihab & Associates Announces New Branch Office on Columbus' West Side
  • Don't Qualify for an H-1B Visa? Get an L-1 Visa Instead!
  • Still No Premium Processing for Multinational Executives/Managers I-140s: Expedited Processing May Be Possible
  • US consulates no longer accept paper green card applications: Filing is now done online
March 2013
  • USCIS Anticipates the H-1B Cap Will Be Reached In Only Five Days Or Less
  • L-1B Intracompany Transferee: AAO Defines "Specialized Knowledge"
  • US Senate Proposes Plan to Double Number of Annual H-1B Visas
  • New Senate Bill Would Toughen H-1B Visa Rules
  • DACA Consultations with an Attorney Reveal Other
February 2013
  • Expect the H-1B Visa Cap...To Be Reached Quickly This Year
  • Business Plan May Prove Crucial For E2 & L1 Visa
  • Important News for Negotiating I-9 Violation Settlements with ICE
  • Recent Court Case Shows Altering PERM Job Ad Language Can Result In Denial
  • How Much Persecution Is Enough To Qualify For Asylum?
January 2013
  • Form I-9 Penalties Must Be Based on Specific Factors
  • USCIS Accepts New H-1B Petitions in April
  • DHS Says DACA Recipients Are Lawfully In The US
  • AC21: Extend Your H1B Beyond Six Years
  • You May Qualify For the L-1B Visa If You Have "Specialized Knowledge"
December 2012
  • The H1B Cap 2013 Is Coming
  • New USCIS Immigrant Fee Effective
  • H1B Cap: What If You Miss The Cap
  • NBC4 News Interviews Gus Shihab
  • Upcoming Immigration Reform
November 2012
  • H-1B Employers: Get Ready to File...Before Next Year's Cap Is Reached!
  • RSVP To Attend the Next Shihab Webinar
  • H1B Portability:...International Travel Issues
  • What Is My USCIS Case Processing Time?
  • H1B Degree Equivalency
October 2012
  • The H1B Cap 2013 Is Coming
  • New USCIS Immigrant Fee Effective
  • H1B Cap: What If You Miss The Cap
  • NBC4 News Interviews Gus Shihab
  • Upcoming Immigration Reform
November 2011
  • Analysis: Is the H-1B Visa Cap Reaching Soon?
  • New Immigration Legislation Welcomed
  • EB-3 to EB-2 Conversion Update
December 2010
  • Analysis: Is the H-1B Visa Cap Reaching Soon?
  • From Our Pro Bono Department: Gold Medalist Natalia Laschenova's Fight to Remain in United States
August 2010
  • Immigrant Visa Priority Date Delays
  • Part Time H-1B Visa Workers - A Good Solution
  • Featured Article
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