"Highly Effective & Efficient"

We highly recommend Gus and his team at The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates. My wife and I have worked with Gus since 1999 for E2 and TN visas, including initial applications and renewals. In every case, Gus has been professional, personable, knowledgeable, proactive and thorough, so we have never had an issue with our filings. Gus educates us and gives us confidence that we are secure in our status so we can focus on our family and business. Thank you, Gus!

- Mike & Trina
      "Highly Effective & Efficient"

      We highly recommend Gus and his team at The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates. My wife and I have worked with Gus since 1999 for E2 and TN visas, including initial applications and renewals. In every case, Gus has been professional, personable, knowledgeable, proactive and thorough, so we have never had an issue with our filings. Gus educates us and gives us confidence that we are secure in our status so we can focus on our family and business. Thank you, Gus!

      Mike & Trina
      "Highly recommend Gus and his practice for any immigration-related cases."

      I hired Gus after reviewing various immigration-related lawyers on AVVO. He has a very reasonable initial consulting fees, and overall immigration fees. He provided us excellent service and guidance on preparing and submitting our marriage-based immigration petition and counseled us through various issues faced (non-availability of my birth certificate, my overseas travel while awaiting interview notice and EAD card, etc.). One instance when I USPS accidentally misplaced my documents, he replied to my emails on the weekend and his staff went out of their way to find the documents. I would highly recommend Gus and his practice for any immigration-related cases.

      Ankit G.
      "It's immediately apparent that they personally care."

      There's an old joke: "What do you call 3000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?". Answer? "A good start." That would describe my attitude when I emailed Shihab & Associates. I'm not sure the conventional lexicon has the words to accurately describe my gratitude to Gus and his team. After 4 years of paperwork, 2 lawyers, and a previous complaint to the California Bar, your faith in the immigration machine can reach the breaking point. It's no understatement the company emphasizes "ethics" as a differentiator. My case sits on the "extraordinary" end of the USCIS spectrum, and I'm sure it will make some kind of history in the horror section of a legal journal. Language like "inconceivable" and "riddled with errors" were used in response to USCIS. If you wanted to be concise about what makes this team different, you could summarise it by saying it's immediately apparent that they personally care. You're not just a reference number; you're a person going through one of the most needlessly frustrating organizations on planet Earth. Doesn't sound like much, but when you've burned through a few of the more impersonal, cynical attorneys ratcheting up the numbers to file template documents, it makes all the difference. Gus's briefs actually look like court papers. They are tight, well-argued, diligent, and have a feel of excellence. His practical grasp of jurisprudence is without peerage in my experience to date. My case was an initial inquiry into embassy visa reviews, but quickly the scope spawned into a 3-week marathon race to file a motion correcting what can only be described as some of the most epic governmental stupidity even a 3rd-grade schoolkid would roll their eyes at. Magdalena was at work over a weekend to get the brief right; when I was curious as to why she was blunt that cases where she can make a real difference excited and fulfilled her. I don't think I've ever heard an attorney speak in those tones. They even had a British solicitor on hand to flesh out the nuance. I've giggled on the phone with Gus, swapped jokes over email, pounded the team with homework, expressed my frustration, and received nothing but professional, compassionate support. Therapy isn't in the job description, but I'm in no doubt that everyone at Shihab actually cares about the case outcome. And it's no joke to say that Gus has been 100% accurate so far about each one of those outcomes, without exception. The financials haven't been easy, but I've learned the hard way you really get what you pay for and there's no easy way around what is an unimpeachably flawed, inefficient, and in many cases, entirely hopelessly under-funded immigration system. Gus helped me to see what an unconscionable turd-in-the-punch my previous attorney had created for me, and refilled the bowl with a much more agreeable Martini mix. US immigration comes with an absolutely obnoxious price tag. If you're going to have to write cheques, it's a painful rite of passage learning who to pay, and who not to. WIth the contributions I've made towards multiple people's Lamborghini funds, the ease at which I can accept Gus's itemized costs is a rare experience of trust. From the reception desk to the librarian, Gus has a personable team that is a delight to deal with, a legal hive mind that is genuinely on their clients' side, and a professional machine on a mission to make every other legal firm look bad by comparison. Truth fears no investigation, and the best way to win the loyalty of others is a self-evident expression of integrity. It's easy to win clients when they know you're damned good. The reason Shihab will have all of my business through the immigration nightmare through to naturalization isn't that of something they purported and advertised to be, but because of who they happily wanted to show me they were. And my inevitable jokes tomorrow morning about Gus's hilarious full name.

      "Responsive, friendly and very professional!"

      I had a great experience with Gus and his team, my case was not an easy one taking into account the sharp deadlines and everything went well. They were responsive, friendly and very professional with all my requests. I highly recommend The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates for any immigration matters.

      Previous Client
      "100% confident my case is in the best hands."

      My experience with The Law Firm of Shihab and Associates has been nothing short of outstanding. Even though Attorneys Kozyra and Shihab primarily handled my case, everybody that I interacted with (from the receptionist to their accountant) were exceptionally nice and professional. I found out about Attorney Shihab’s firm through a common acquaintance that used their services in the past. I was in a very desperate situation, with my J-1 visa expiring within a year and subject to the Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement 212(e). I planned to request a waiver to the two-year rule and later apply for a Green Card since I am married to a US citizen. At the time, I had already met with a different immigration lawyer. However, I felt very uncertain with the counseling I was receiving. After talking with Attorney Shihab for 15-20 minutes, I realized how oblivious my first lawyer was, at least regarding my case in particular. Needless to say, I switched law firms that very same day and my journey with Shihab and Associates started. The next couple of meetings, Attorney Shihab, introduced me to Attorney Kozyra and together we designed the best action plan based on my situation/needs. Something that I really appreciate is that since the beginning they were always very honest, straightforward and patient. They covered the pros and cons of every possible route and answered all my questions while we were trying to come up with the plan. Also, they were very kind; our meetings will always start with some small talk, and they always reassured me when necessary. They also worked super fast; the time that it takes them to create and submit a case depends almost completely on how long it takes the client to submit the necessary paperwork. There are specific requirements (e.g., medical/physical exams, physiological opinions, among others) that might delay your submission time since it will depend on how fast you can request an appointment. But as soon as I gave them everything that was requested, they called me within days to sign the forms and submit the case. Even after submission, they always stayed in touch with me either following the status of the case or answering questions. Finally, actions speak louder than words. My first lawyer told me my chances of obtaining the waiver were close to zero, and he even went to the extent of telling me that I was “lying to the US government” since I got married and planned to stay in the US. Today, I can say that my waiver was GRANTED thanks to the time and expertise Attorneys Shihab and Kozyra dedicated to my case. We just finished working on my Green Card application, and I am 100% confident my case is in the best hands.

      "Very knowledgeable and professional, and has also treated us more like family than his clients."

      After years of consulting with multiple attorneys in the Columbus area in regards to filing for a Provisional Waiver, my husband and I are extremely thankful to have found Attorney Shihab and his team. When other attorneys told us that filing for this would not be possible, Attorney Shihab confidently assured us that he could assist us in the approval of the Provisional Waiver. Attorney Shihab's experience and expertise in immigration law were always displayed to us whenever we had questions or concerns. He made sure to keep us up to date every step of the way in the process of filing and has always worked efficiently and tirelessly to ensure that our case was a priority. Thanks to Attorney Shihab's detailed preparation and more than sufficient supporting documents, the processing time in filing was always very fast. Not only is he very knowledgeable and professional, but he has also treated us more like family than his clients. We always felt that he genuinely cared about our case. He is highly ethical and honest. He will tell you if there is any path to solve your immigration status and will work hard to ensure that the process is successful. He is definitely the person to go to for any immigration matter. If others have failed or told you it's not possible, don't give up. The solution lies in attorney Shihab's decades of experience. Thank you to Attorney Shihab and his team for the approval of our case, and we would highly recommend his immigration services to anyone in need.

      "I strongly recommend The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates!"

      I strongly recommend Gus (The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates) for any immigration matters. Gus and his team worked initially on my fresh H1b Counselor processing in 2011. The service provided to me at my home country to get me back to the USA was beyond expectation. The work that team did on documenting every process was very thoughtful, and it can only come from Gus and his team. Upon arrival here, Gus helped me on every step to build a path towards permanent residency. Every step from filing the labor and getting the perm approved, I-140 approval until finally getting 485 approval in 2017 was handled by Gus and his team very professionally. I did have road-blocker RFE's during this long, tedious process; I could only overcome those responses back with experienced attorney Mr.Shihab and his team on my side. Recommend reaching out to Gus for any immigration matters.

      "I always feel safe with Mr. Shihab regarding immigration matter."

      Mr. Shihab did great work in getting my father's B2 visa extension this year. My father's B2 visa was expired on 30 Jan 2017, and my graduation was approaching on 15th May 2017. I consulted Mr. Shihab for B2 visa extension. He filed my father's visa extension, and my father got an extension for another 6 months. Now my father will attend my graduation. He united father and son on a very specific moment. I highly recommend Mr. Shihab because he is highly knowledgeable, ethical and supportive. His entire staff is very co-operative. He knows how to handle a case. I always feel safe with Mr. Shihab regarding immigration matter. I highly recommend Mr. Shihab.

      "Provide peace of mind to his clients."

      Ghassan Shihab's quality above all is dependability and his ability to provide peace of mind to his clients. He is very conversant with legal intricacies of immigration law and knows how to tread through the complex situations. After knowing him as a fellow engineer, I was sure he is a problem solver. He was honest about the complexity of my HARDSHIP in 751 removal of conditions and guided me with thorough insight and laterals which could come my way for the options chosen. I am glad I contacted him and finally got my conditions removed. He is one of the few lawyers who know the immigration law and does not lead his clients on a mere hunch. I am glad I hired and so should you.

      "The best immigration lawyer in USA!"

      The best immigration lawyer in the USA. He did an amazing job in handling our EB5 case, change of status and get us the approval. We are so glad that we picked him to work on our case and we are so thankful to him for his clear instructions. Thanks a million, Mr. Shihab for your great efforts. We are highly recommended him.

      Tarek M.
      "The best immigration lawyers! Do not risk your case by giving it to any other attorney!"

      Ghassan and his team are by far the best immigration lawyers I have dealt with since I came to the US, and I have dealt with a lot. He is very professional and knowledgable and up-to-date regarding every single aspect of American immigration laws. He has been my lawyer throughout my journey for almost 10 years until I received my Green Card just recently. My case was employment-based and was very bumpy and full of technicalities that only a top-class attorney would manage that professionally. In some occasions, we had to race time to keep me in-status, which he managed efficiently every time. The best thing about Gus as well is that he is always there to answer any question at any time. Every time I emailed him with something, he responded within a couple of hours. Do not risk your case by giving it to any other attorney.

      Amr E.
      "Experienced & Ethical"

      I highly recommend the Law firm of Shihab and Associates. They are experienced, skilled, and friendly. I got my requirement within the time frame quoted by the firm, and without any surprises. The most important points to me where the clarity and the ethical attitude. Everything was explained, and they were very responsive. Also, they did not have any hidden fees.

      "Very pleasant experience right from day one. I would definitely recommend Mr. Gus and his team"

      I have approached Mr. Gus for my green card filing he and his team have made the process a breeze and it has been a very pleasant experience right from day one I was kept informed through every step of the way and was able to get my green card well ahead than what was usually normal special thanks to me Gus and his team for helping me with all the paperwork I would definitely recommend Mr. Gus and his team for any immigration-related issues

      Mahmood H.
      "Great experience with the Law Firm of Shihab & Associates."

      It is a great pleasure to write about my great experience with the Law Firm of Shihab & Associates. I hired Attorney, Gus Shihab, to work on my green card case through the EB5 program and during the process stages, Ghassan worked with me so firmly and with a high level of commitment and integrity. He is well experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Throughout my case, I faced some difficulties that emerged from variations in laws, rules, regulations, norms, and systems between my country and the United States but Mr. Shihab made it possible and eased these difficulties and overcome these differences thoroughly. Mr. Shihab is not only knowledgeable in immigration laws and law in general, but also his bilingual abilities (Arabic) and his cultural and Sharia law backgrounds give him an additional dimension and extraordinary skills in handling and tackling very complicated situations that require an in-depth understanding of these differences and very systematic and strategic approach. I would strongly recommend Mr. Ghassan Shihab for his expertise and outstanding services for any immigration matter.

      Previous Client
      "encourage everyone to leave your current lawyer and hire Mr. Gus. You'll never regret it."

      If there are ten stars to give Mr. Shihab, I would never hesitate. My case had a Zero chance to be solved. He not only stopped the deportation and supported me in my hideous situation but also I finally got my approval for the green card. After, years of paying thousands for the wrong attorney I finally found Mr.Gus to end my suffering with the emigration. He really cares about his client. He would call at 8 in the morning or late in the evening just to remind me with some paperwork, or to ask some question. I would highly encourage everyone to leave your current lawyer and hire Mr. Gus. You'll never regret it.

      Noor A.
      "Attorney Shihab & his team are top notch!"

      Attorney Shihab & his team are top notch! They helped us through the long & difficult process of getting my husband his green card. We could not have done it without them, and we are so incredibly grateful. We will be returning to them when it comes time to apply for citizenship.

      "WOW! More than we expected"

      WOW! More than we expected and what we won't soon forget. Mr. Gus Shihab exemplified the best parts of today's leadership in Ohio. I respect and recommend him personally and professionally to anyone looking for legal assistance with immigration. Throughout our overstay case, he was skillfully honest, warm, and reassuring. He added a very personal touch that my wife and I will not easily forget. Our case involved an overstay plus a personal hardship; which is one of the toughest to receive legal approval. My wife and I struggled with the fact that she may not be returning home as soon as we would need each other assistance, support, and comfort. Gus and his incredible team kept things accurate and moving forward without delay. The result of their attention to the details of our case resulted in my wife's quick and safe return home from Thailand. She also received her green card approval from the consulate on our wedding anniversary date. How cool is that? Words can not express the gratitude we have for the Legal Firm of Mr. Gus Shihab. Thanks Again Gus!

      "The most professional, meticulous, sympathetic lawyers anyone can work with."

      I had a hard case of removal of conditions, after meeting many lawyers I found Gus Shihab’s firm, after the first explanation over the phone I felt like I can trust Gus and his team. My feeling was true. Gus and his team are the most professional, meticulous, sympathetic lawyers anyone can work with. Gus was very communicating every single time I would contact him, he explained my rights, the potential results of my case, he basically educated me on how to understand immigration laws. I owe Gus and his team to being a lawful permanent resident now, I owe them feeling finally at home here in the US, and I am very thankful every second that I was lucky to have them work on my case.

      "Attentive to detail, listens to your concerns and is available all the time"

      Shihab immigration legal firm is attentive to detail, listens to your concerns and is available all the time to respond to your questions. They helped my wife and me through the employer-based green card process. Once you have all the documentation they need for the process, do not fret or worry, kindly be patient. Sign them up to represent you, and they do it extremely well. Shihab immigration legal team is extremely competent. I am retaining them for the naturalization process. Thank you Shihab team!

      "Expert Immigration Lawyer"

      I have been very fortunate enough to have acquired Mr. Shihab’s immigration law firm services for my H1B, PERM and i-140 applications through my employer. When I joined my employer initially on OPT, I just had less than 28 days to file my H1B petition which seemed unrealistic. The law firm took my case and filed it well within the deadline for the April lottery and got my application approved. Later we started working on my PERM, and my application was filed in the EB-2 category. The council and guidance I received in my PERM application were top notch, and my case was handled very diligently and with great care. My PERM case was selected as part of a random audit, but Mr. Shihab and associates filed the appropriate response and in time and got my PERM approved shortly after. Subsequently, they recently got my i-140 approved too without any hitch under premium processing. Based on my personal experience I highly recommend Mr. Shihab’s law firm for anyone seeking expert lawyers who know how to navigate complex immigration law and always yield positive results. I have been treated very respectfully, and all my cases were given attention to detail. The best part of working with this firm is their Edge portal where you can keep track of the progress of your case and submit information and documents related to your case. You can be assured you are in good hands and forget to worry about your case is another added bonus!

      "The best immigration firm ever!"

      I hired attorney Shihab's firm to handle three immigration cases: Asylum, two years home residency requirement and change of residency status, and I would definitely hire them for my naturalization. I loved working with Mr. Shihab's firm from the first day I went there for a consultation. He is very knowledgeable, respectful and experienced. After reviewing the documents I provided and talking to me, he wanted to be sure that he believes in my case before accepting it, so he asked me to give him a week to review the documents with more details. I contacted him back after a week, and he accepted to represent me. He explained to me based on his knowledge which case is more likely to be accepted and explained to me the timeline of the process. During case preparation and submission, I worked mainly with Ms. Kozyra who was very professional and organized, she prepared my cases in a timely manner. She is very thorough and pays great attention to details. She kept me informed of all updates, required documents and provided me with very clear instructions on filling out and signing the required documents. Even after submitting the case, she made sure to reply to all my questions and concerns, keep me updated on the progress of my case with USCIS and she and Mr. Shihab provided me with amazing preparation for interviews. All immigration cases this firm handled for me were progressing really well. I interviewed for asylum few months after submitting the case but didn’t hear back from the officer after a year, however, in the end, waiving the two years home residency requirement and changing my residency status took shorter time to be approved (exactly what Mr. Shihab told me during consultation) and I got my green card last month. I am very pleased to have picked this firm, and I highly recommend them if you have a true and honest immigration case. Finally I just want to thank everyone who I worked with from this firm starting from the first person I got in touch with (Miriam), Mr. Shihab, Ms. Kozyra, Kimberly, Mr. Ashmore and of course the bringer of good news (Yasellin) they are all amazing and they really made me feel like family and I wish you all the best of luck!

      "Highly recommended and was lucky to land in those great hands"

      It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write about my wonderful experience with the law firm of Shihab and associates if I could give 20 stars I would never hesitate. I found Mr. Shihab online and being from the island my family was a little hesitant, but I read the reviews and found them to be very interesting and decided to take my shot of him. Mr. Shihab from day one he and his wonderful team was very helpful pleasant, friendly, kind and professional to me they kept me informed throughout the whole process. Mr. Shihab, I must say I can see that he is a people person that wants to see things go the right way and make others happy, also Kimberly and Miriam were who I dealt with the most and oh I couldn't have ask for a more friendly, professional, kind and helpful two persons then them sometimes I felt like giving up and they kept me together and got me going on. Mr. Shihab and his team just as how they informed me about my case it run as smooth as he said and they made sure everything was explained to me in details at all times, and they were always on top of everything never missed out at no time at all. Mr. Shihab is a very, very down to earth and friendly person and most of all a very knowledgeable and professional individual too; we wrap as if we knew each other long before I hired him. I can't say enough thanks to him and his wonderful team for the kind and professional help they offered to me. I most definitely would recommend Mr. Shihab for anyone who needs a wonderful and professional law firm to work for them.

      "I would highly recommend his services for any immigration legal advise and support."

      Mr.Shihab and his office handled my naturalization process. They displayed a great deal of professionalism for the entire duration of this lengthy procedure. Mr.Shihab truly cares about his clients, he takes his job very seriously and personal. My situation was a little different given my personal legal standing, Mr.Shihab did an outstanding job helping explain and justify my situation to the immigration officers. He was truly crucial to the successful completion of my naturalization. I would highly recommend his services for any immigration legal advise and support.

      "I am so thankful!"

      I contacted Gus and his team after my Green card was confiscated and I faced possible deportation. Gus met with me, and we agreed on a plan of action. After I hired him, his team worked with me throughout the lengthy process, always contacting me back promptly when I had additional questions, concerns, and setbacks. I am so thankful they were able to resolve my legal problem. No lawyer is inexpensive but Gus’ rates were reasonable, and I felt I was billed fairly. Gus seemed to care about my specific situation, and I can tell he does his job to really try and help people. Thank you so much, Gus and thanks to all your associates!!

      "Best Immigration Lawyer...Period."

      I was ready to begin my citizenship application when I ran into some trouble with the law. I went to many immigration lawyers, and the only one who had the knowledge and expertise was Gus. He and his very talented team helped me to properly navigate the process. His recommendations were not what I wanted to hear, but I followed them because they brought the knowledge and experience. I became a citizen because of them!

      Jose J. T.
      "Excellent Immigration Attorney"

      I highly recommend Mr. Gus. The entire team is professional, responsive, friendly and VERY knowledgeable. My case went very smooth and Gus made sure it was approved. I am very happy for choosing this law firm and will always go to them for any immigration applications.

      "Super organized and professional work. Highly Recommended!"

      I hired Mr. Shehab because of the great reviews I read about him. I wanted to extend my B-2 visitor visa and change my status to an F-1 student visa, and after more than six months of hard work, I got my approval notice. Mr. Shehab is a highly experienced lawyer who is very dedicated to his work. He was always supportive; he stayed in touch with me throughout the application process to collect and prepare all the needed documents, and to answer any question I had. Super organized and professional work. I highly recommend Mr. Shehab

      Previous Client
      "Excellence and Professionalism"

      I am very pleased with the professionalism of Dr Shihab and his team. Our process went smooth, the filling of the forms was clear and easy and if we had any questions they were always in a good disposition to solve our doubts. We can truly say that choosing Shihab’s professionals was the best decision we made for our case, and for that reason we recommend them 100%. This rating system doesn’t have enough stars to rate our experience. Thank you very much for everything!

      Clara Zevallos Woodbridge, VA
      "Green Card and Citizenship Issues"

      My wife and I hired attorney Shihab to file suit against the USCIS after they denied her citizenship application. To our shock the USCIS claimed that my wife's green card was issued in error. She was a beneficiary on my employment based green card. USCIS alleged that my wife was not in valid status when she filed her derivative I-485 due to the fact that she was waiting on a project while on H-1B visa with her own employer. Mr. Shihab sued and filed a complaint against the USCIS in Federal Court in Virginia. To our amazement, the USCIS worked with Attorney Shihab and reissued my wife's green card. Now the green card has been properly issued, the case was dismissed and settled with the USCIS. We will be applying for naturalization using Mr. Shihab's firm. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Shihab was attentive, competent and guided us for the interview and responses to the USCIS. We truly consider him a friend. We highly recommend him and his team for your immigration issues.

      Former Client Washington DC, DC
      "I got my green card today and I am so happy and thankful for Mr. Shihab. "

      I had a really hard case. After dealing with many attorneys I decided to work with Mr. Shihab and his office and that was the best decision I took. They are professional, they are good and fast, and I was treated from day 1 like a family member, not just a client. I never called them and they ignored me, and never had a question where they hesitated to answer it. They were on top of the case always, and was totally great in everything. I never thought it would be that easy until I worked on the case with them. I got my green card today and I am so happy and thankful for Mr. Shihab and I have a special thanks for Mr. Bishr Ajlouni who supported me and gave me the right advice all the time and treated me like a brother and as a member of Mr. Shihab 's family. My wife and I are so happy to deal with such a perfect law firm as Mr. Shihab's. Thanks and I wish all the best for everybody and I am sure if you choose Mr. Shihab to take care of your case you will be the winner.

      Previous Client
      "I highly recommend Mr. Shihab and his associates to everyone I come across who is looking for the best immigration lawyer."

      I was really fortunate to choose Mr. Shihab and his team to handle my immigration papers through my employer. Mr. Shihab and his team are really knowledgeable, always available when I have any questions and well informed. I had a great pleasure working with them and despite all the laws that have changed in the past two years, they were still able to handle my case quite well, solved and answered any of my concerns. I highly recommend Mr. Shihab and his associates to everyone I come across who is looking for the best immigration lawyer.

      "The entire team is professional, responsive, friendly and VERY knowledgeable."

      It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write about my wonderful experience with the law firm of Shihab and associates. Mr. Shihab did an amazing job handling my I -751 removal of the condition and get the approval. Thanks a million, Mr. Shihab for clear instructions and great effort. The entire team is professional, responsive, friendly and VERY knowledgeable. I am very happy for choosing this law firm and will always go to them for any immigration applications.