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The ability to work in the United States is the dream of millions of foreign nationals. However, the barriers placed before potential nonimmigrant and immigrant workers can seem insurmountable. Fortunately, our Columbus immigration attorneys at The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates have the experience to help you find the work visa that meets your circumstances and the skill to efficiently guide your petition to completion.

Our experience is broad and considerable, across all types of work visas. For a consultation and review of your unique immigration matter, please call us at (800) 625-3404. We have convenient locations in Fairfax, VA, Columbus, Cleveland, Southfield, MI, and Washington, D.C..

Types of Work Visas

The table below illustrates the various nonimmigrant visa categories that correspond to your purpose of travel to the United States.

Purpose of Entry

Type of Visa

Agricultural Workers


Athletic Personnel both Professional And Amateur

B-1, B-2

Au Pairs - Entering The US As Exchange Visitors


Australian Citizen Professionals Entering The US To Work In A Specialty Occupation.


Business Visitors


Certain International Organization Employees


Diplomats and Officials of Foreign Governments


Exchange Visitors


Cultural Exchange Workers


Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities


Intra-Company Transferees




Performing Athletes And Entertainers


Physicians And Doctors

J, H-1B

Professors And Teachers


Religious Workers


Specialty Occupations


Specialty Occupation (H-1B1) For Citizens Of Chile, Singapore Under The Free Trade Agreement

H-1B1 - Chile
H-1B1 - Singapore


F, M

Temporary & Seasonal Workers


Training In A Program Not Primarily For Employment


Treaty Traders/Treaty Investors


Victims Of Human Trafficking


Victims of Crime


Visitors Entering The US To Receive Medical Treatment

B-1, B-2

Visitors for Pleasure

B-1, B-2

Choose Our Skilled Columbus Work Visa Attorneys

If you have questions about a work visa or any employment-based immigration matter, and/or you need help with any type of immigration proceeding, do not wait to seek legal counsel. Every single aspect of your visa application must be addressed correctly and promptly if you are to have the opportunity at a positive result. With our experience and understanding of ever-changing immigration laws, we at The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates can effectively represent your interests.

Our Columbus immigration lawyers handle various matters including green cards and permanent residence, family immigration, immigrant visas, non–immigrant visas, employment visas and H1B visas, investor visas, PERM applications, and more. Whether you are an employer, an employee, or a family member, we have competent, responsive, and innovative lawyers who can make your immigration experience pleasant and seamless.

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