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The immigration lawyers at The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates, Co., LPA understand that retaining an immigration lawyer is an important decision, one that carries a high level of trust; often times clients look to their immigration lawyer not only to navigate their way through complex immigration processes and legal matters, but to guide them in making some of the most important decisions affecting their families, companies, financial future and lives. Global business and immigration law needs is ever more critical and the governmental procedures are complex. Our lawyers offer more than 40 years of experience in effective legal representation on behalf of clients in a variety of business, immigration and other matters.

Our immigration lawyers represented small and large corporations, individuals and families successfully in immigration matters. We have processed thousands of cases on behalf of our clients including H–1B, PERM, and Intracompany transferee L–1A, and L–1B visas. Our firm has represented international investors to start small businesses as well as multi–million dollar investors in alien entrepreneur EB–5 green cards, E–2 and E–1 visas. Our practice includes representing global corporations to transfer employees through blanket L–1 and individual Intracompany transferee L–1A and L–1B visa cases.

As part of our service we offer several programs to make certain that clients have the highest level of access to our lawyers and receive most up–to–date status update on their cases. These programs include:

  • Recurring case status conferences: contact us to request this service.
  • Connect with Gus Shihab Program
  • Work & Exercise Program
  • Webinars and Seminars to bring our clients updated on recent changes in immigration law

Our law firm is technologically savvy; we have implemented numerous tools to build transparency with and accessibility to counsel, and to provide our clients the progress of their case; this includes the institution of robust web–based immigration case management systems, virtual files, advanced telephony systems, free of charge informational webinars, all to bring you closer to your immigration law representative, to relevant information affecting your case and to its progress through the myriad governmental processes. Whether your case is pending before the US Department of Labor, the US Citizenship & Immigration Services, US Consul General overseas, or any other agency, our lawyers are experienced in the ins and outs of every process and will spend the time and effort to assure that your case is concluded quickly and efficiently.

Our immigration lawyers offer services in Columbus, Cleveland, Washington, DC. The International and Immigration lawyers at The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates are keen about understanding the needs of our clients and the members of their families and loved ones. Gus M. Shihab, the founder of The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates is himself foreign born and has family and/or friends who have gone or are currently undergoing the complex US immigration journey. As a result, he instituted a culture of ethics, sensitivity, responsiveness, and competence in the delivery of the immigration law services. We pay close attention to our clients' matters, hopes, aspirations and personal goals. The business immigration lawyers in our firm have a personal and exceptional approach to processing visas and for dealing with our international clients. Our lawyers will individually and clearly explain the visa or green card process and will simplify the complex procedure in small easy to understand steps. To schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates online or call 1–888–255–4USA (4872).

Client Reviews
I had a really hard case then after dealing with many attorneys I decided to work with Mr Shihab and his office and that was the best decision I took, how professional they are, how good and fast they are I was treated from day 1 like a family member not just a client Ramez
Atty. Shihab helped me navigate several issues that I had never faced before... he made it easy and supported me immediately if I had any questions, and his suggestions were top-notch. Avvo user
If you want to hire the best Immigration Attorney, hire Attorney Shihab. He will go above and beyond anyone's expectations, and stays on top of your case. He keeps you informed and up to date on deadlines, interviews and what to expect. Keith
Atty Shihab's record really speaks for itself, but more importantly, each client is treated with the upmost respect and dignity. He and his entire staff makes you feel as if you are the only client in their office. Rhonda
Mr. Shihab was recommended to me when the attorney my sister and I used failed to process our papers on time. From the beginning, I have consistently experienced exemplary service and very thorough knowledge of his profession. Amruta