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That when you deal with professional law firm

I had a really hard case then after dealing with many attorneys I decided to work with Mr Shihab and his office and that was the best decision I took , how professional they are , how good and fast they are I was treated from day 1 like a family member not just a client ,I never called them and they ignored me never had a question and they hesitate to answer it they were on top of the case always was totally great in Everthing , never thought it will be that easy till I worked on the case with them , I got my green card today and I am so happy and thankful for Mr Shihab And I have a special thanks for Mr Bishr Ajlouni who supported me and give me the right advices all the time and treated me as a brother and as a member of Mr Shihab 's family me and my wife so happy to deal with such a perfect law firm as MR shihab's Thanks and I wish all the best for everybody and I am sure if you choose Mr shihab to take care of your case you will be the winner

Extremely professional

Atty. Shihab helped me navigate several issues that I had never faced before... he made it easy and supported me immediately if I had any questions, and his suggestions were top-notch. My case was very important as it could have affected my livelihood had the situation not gone in my favor. Also, his office associates and reception staff were completely professional and helped my every need, as response time was extremely quick.

He is the best thing that happened this year!

Honesty and Honor

If you want to hire the best Immigration Attorney, hire Attorney Shihab. He will go above and beyond anyone's expectations, and stays on top of your case. He keeps you informed and up to date on deadlines, interviews and what to expect. We are very grateful and happy with him and his entire staff. Excellent Attorney! Thanks again.

If you want to hire the best.........

Atty Shihab's record really speaks for itself, but more importantly, each client is treated with the upmost respect and dignity. He and his entire staff makes you feel as if you are the only client in their office. His expertise, professionalism and integrity ranks #1 easily, and he went above and beyond the call of duty. We are more than pleased with the outcome of our case. Thank-you so much Atty. Shihab!

Extremely dependable and trustworthy

Mr. Shihab was recommended to me when the attorney my sister and I used failed to process our papers on time. From the beginning, I have consistently experienced exemplary service and very thorough knowledge of his profession. His advice is always sound, he is always reachable and he is always timely. I always had the most up to date status on my petitions.

Gus successfully processed my H1B and PERM with very short notice. His strategic approach to my case ensured timely approval of my PERM and subsequent Adjustment of Status. I appreciate tremendously that during my interview with the USCIS recently, the Adjudication Officer expressed that the package submitted was complete in every way. Gus stepped in when others told us that there was not much they could do for us. What stands out to me is the fact that in spite of his busy schedule, he listens. During a very stressful time, he played the role of an advisor, a counselor and a friend. You don't get that a lot. His attention to detail and his focus on the optimal end result makes him the stellar attorney that he is. Kudos to his staff for their attention to detail and promptness as well.

Experienced, competent, and friendly immigration attorney

I’m very pleased with Gus and his law firm. They have represented my H1-B, PERM, and I-140 cases all of which were approved without any glitch. When I first spoke with Gus regarding my case, I was convinced my case is as important for him as it was for me. Gus and his staff are very knowledgable and highly professional. They possess great depth of knowledge of the immigration matters; a reflection of which I could see in the management of my cases. The constant interactions I had with Gus and any of his staff kept me encouraged and confident. Any questions I had were answered in a satisfactory and timely fashion. Gus is only an email away. I have received quick response from him for emails that were sent after hours.

An example of Gus's diligence and expertise. I had around 11-months for completion of 6-years H1-B when Gus started working on my labor. I did not had the luxury of time and then PERM processing times began to slow down and hit a record low of 8-months. Gus came up with an aggressive strategy and got all the paper work in right order. Lo and behold my PERM application was certified with ample time left to get my I-140 approved.

It would be my pleasure to recommend the law firm of Shihab and associates to anyone who wants to be represented by an experienced, competent, and friendly immigration attorney.

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