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How to File PERM Applications for Traveling Employees
How to File PERM Applications for Traveling Employees

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the PERM regulations, which govern the labor certification process for the permanent employment of immigrant foreign workers and establish responsibilities of employers who wish to employ these workers permanently in the United States. ...

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Blog posts in PERM

  • Obama's Immigration Action, Part 2: Addressing the Broken System

    Modernizing the PERM Process There are some problems with the thecurrent labor certification process, which is also known the PERM process. PERM ...

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  • PERM Form ETA 9089 Prevailing Wage Must Be Perfect

    It may not be sufficient even to totally master the immense amount of complex law concerning the PERM application process. Even if the entire ...

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  • BALCA Says PERM Audit Response Must Show NOF Posting Location

    A PERM application is subject to denial when the employer fails to provide some evidence of the location where the notice of filing (NOF) was posted ...

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  • BALCA Case Says PERM Recruitment Must Disclose Travel Requirements

    PERM recruitment advertisements may not contain job requirements or duties that exceed the job requirements or duties listed on the PERM application ...

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  • PERM Audit Response Must Contain NOF Posting Location, Court Says

    A recent BALCA court case indicates that a PERM application may be denied if the employer fails to maintain some evidence of where the Notice of ...

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  • BALCA Decision regarding PERM Notice of Filing Posting Dates

    The PERM application process requires employers to completely adhere to PERM regulations during the recruitment phase. Failure to comply even one ...

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  • BALCA Decides Whether PERM Advertising Must Disclose Working at Home

    PERM regulations impose a duty upon employers to disclose the jobsite location and amount of travel required on its recruiting advertisements, and the ...

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  • Court Upholds PERM Certification Despite CO Denial Citing Recruitment Violation

    An application for permanent labor certification (PERM) must be preceded by specific job recruitment steps that the employer is required to perform, ...

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  • Altering PERM Job Ad Language Can Result In Denial

    During the Application for Permanent Employment Certification ( otherwise known as PERM ), is imperative to carefully draft the language used in the ...

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