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Worksite Issues Affecting LCA & H-1B Visa Processing
Worksite Issues Affecting LCA & H-1B Visa Processing

Due to recent changes in the immigration law, the process of securing an H-1B visa has become more complicated as the US Department of Labor (USDOL) is examining applications with a higher level of scrutiny. Effected areas include roving employees, third party placement, and ...

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Blog Posts in 2016

  • When Naturalization Application Leads to Removal

    In certain situations, an application for naturalization could cause a lawful permanent resident to face removal proceedings because of immigration ...

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  • When H-1B Employers Must Pay Wages for Nonproductive Time

    In which situations are employers required to pay wages to H-1B employees for their nonproductive time, and in which situations are they not? ...

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  • Who Is An H-1B CAP Exempt Employer?

    I. Introduction : The concept of H-1B visa cap exempt employers was introduced in The American Competitiveness in the Twenty First Century Act of ...

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  • Asylum for Iraqi & Syrian, Sunni & Shiites

    With the recent escalation of armed conflicts in countries like Iraq and Syria, many seek to escape the war-torn areas in search of safety and ...

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  • What to do If You Can’t Obtain an H-1B Visa Through the Lottery Process

    It can be a very disappointing experience for everyone involved, to receive a notice from USCIS that the H-1B visa quota has been met for the year and ...

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  • Good News For H-1B Visa Cap Seekers in 2016 - Prepare Now

    As the H-1B cap season for FY 2017 approaches, employers and potential employees alike must be prepared. For the uninitiated, the H-1B cap refers to ...

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  • New Proposed Rule Changes for Highly-Skilled Non-immigrants are “Helpful, but Timid”

    On December 31, 2015, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that will affect highly-skilled workers, and ...

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  • I-751 Waiver of the Joint Filing Requirement Due to Divorce, Abuse, or Hardship

    The petition to remove the conditions on your residence must be signed and filed by both you and your spouse, and your spouse must accompany you to ...

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  • H-1B Visa Lottery Anticipated for 2016, Employers Urged to Act Now Before April 1st

    Beginning April 1, 2016, employers will be able to submit petitions with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for H-1B visas on ...

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