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Filing a request for premium processing service with the USCIS along with your EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3 nonimmigrant visa petition, or while it’s pending, will significantly speed up the USCIS processing time necessary for adjudication and approval of your case. If you have questions about EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3 premium processing and would like to consult with an attorney, contact The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates. We have over 50 years of combined legal experience in a wide variety of complex and immigration law matters and have served clients all over the world. We have offices in Fairfax, VA; Columbus, OH; Cleveland, OH; Southfield, MI; and Washington, D.C.

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How Does Premium Processing Work?

When your EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3 case is filed with a request for premium processing service, the USCIS guarantees that it will take no longer than 15 calendar days to process your case.

During that time, the USCIS should take one of the following actions:

  • Issue an approval notice
  • Issue a denial notice
  • Issue a notice of intent to deny (NOID)
  • Issue a request for evidence (RFE)
  • Open an investigation

If your case has not been processed within calendar 15 days, the USCIS will refund the premium processing fee, and your case will continue to receive expedited premium processing. If you receive a NOID or RFE, another 15 calendar day period of premium processing will commence after you have submitted a complete response to the NOID or RFE.

How Is the Premium Processing Request Made?

The premium processing request is made by filing Form I-907 Request for Premium Processing Service, which may be filed concurrently with the visa petition or while it is still pending. The filing fee is $1,225. This form may only be filed by the petitioning employer or by the attorney, but not by the beneficiary employee.

Premium processing is available for these employment-based nonimmigrant (Form I-129) visa petitions:

  • E-1 Treaty Trader
  • E-2 Treaty Investor
  • H-1B Specialty Occupation
  • H-2B Temporary Nonagricultural Worker
  • H-3 Training or Special Education Exchange Visitor
  • L-1A Intercompany Transferee Executive, or Manager
  • L-1B Intercompany Transferee Specialized Knowledge Professional
  • LZ Blanket L-1
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  • O-2 Essential Support Services
  • P-1 Internationally Recognized Athlete or Member of Entertainment Group
  • P-1S Essential Support Services, Highly Skilled for Principle
  • P-2 Artist or Entertainer under Reciprocal Exchange Program
  • P-2S Essential Support Services, Highly Skilled for Principle
  • P-3 Artist or Entertainer in Culturally Unique Program
  • P-3S Essential Support Services, Highly Skilled for Principle
  • Q-1 International Cultural Exchange
  • R-1 Religious Occupation
  • TN-1 NAFTA Professional, Canada
  • TN-2 NAFTA Professional, Mexico

Premium processing is available for these employment-based immigrant(Form I-140) visa petitions:

  • EB-1 Extraordinary Ability
  • EB-1 Outstanding Professors and Researchers
  • EB-1 Multinational Executives and Managers
  • EB-2 Members of Professions with Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability without National Interest Waiver
  • EB-3 Skilled Workers
  • EB-3 Professionals
  • EB-3 Workers Other Than Skilled Workers and Professionals

Dependents Normally Expedited with a Primary Family Member

USCIS will normally expedite petitions for the dependent spouse and children of the principal applicant so long as they are filed concurrently with the principal applicant’s petition. However, USCIS is not required to give dependents premium processing, and will not provide a refund if those cases are delayed. If you would like further information about the EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3 premium processing service or any other immigration matter, please contact our immigration attorneys at The Law Firm of Shihab & Associates to schedule a consultation with an attorney at an office near you.

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